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How Long Does It Take for a Child to Recover from a Frenectomy?

June 27, 2023

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Happy baby sticking its tongue out

Is your child scheduled for a frenectomy? This simple surgery can provide freedom from lip and tongue tie, making life easier for both you and your young one. Still, you may have some anxiety about the post-op period. How long does it take for a child to recover from a frenectomy? What can you do to help your child heal properly? This blog post provides practical information.

Average Recovery Timeline

On average, it takes about 3 – 4 weeks for a child to completely recover after a frenectomy. The first few days are usually the most difficult; some soreness and swelling are to be expected. There might also be some minor bleeding, though that is unusual when a frenectomy was performed with a soft tissue laser.

Tips for a Smooth Recovery

Here are some things you can do to help your little one’s recovery go as smoothly as possible:

Encourage Breastfeeding

Your infant will be able to breastfeed right after their frenectomy. However, it might take some time before their mouth adjusts to its new freedom. You might need to visit a lactation specialist for help to get your baby to latch properly.

Soothe Your Baby’s Discomfort

Your baby might be more fussy than usual as they heal. To minimize their discomfort, you can give them a chilled toy or refrigerated breast milk. Extra skin-to-skin contact or a soothing lavender bath may help them remain as calm as possible.

Perform Exercises

You should gently manipulate your baby’s mouth so the severed frenulum does not regrow just like it was before the surgery. The dentist who performed the procedure should give you specific directions on how and when to perform these exercises, stretches, and massages.

Consider Myofunctional Therapy

If your child is no longer an infant, they might have already developed bad habits with their oral structures due to their lip or tongue tie. A frenectomy may not automatically correct such issues, so you may be referred to a myofunctioal therapist. Myofunctional therapy can train your child to use their lips and tongue in the correct way.

Know When to Ask for Help

Post-op complications are quite rare after a frenectomy, but if you believe for any reason that your child’s recovery is not going as planned, call the doctor who performed the surgery. For example, if your child is having trouble moving their mouth, you see signs of infection, or the frenulum appears to be reattaching, you should ask for guidance.

Recovering from a frenectomy is fairly easy for most kids! Apply your dentist’s guidance so your little one can mend as quickly as possible.

Meet the Practice

Dr. Garcia-DeMartino is an experienced dentist who specializes in treating lip and tongue tie for patients of virtually all ages. If you believe your little one could benefit from a frenectomy, our team is ready to evaluate the situation and recommend your next steps. Contact our Phillipsburg dental office at 908-859-5260.

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