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Can Adults Have Tongue-Ties?

April 5, 2022

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older girl with tongue-tie

As an adult, do you notice you have difficulty swallowing or eating certain foods? Do you struggle to speak clearly? You may not realize it, but you could be dealing with a tongue-tie. Although more commonly found (and treated) in infants and young children, many symptoms may not arise until later in life. If any of these problems sound familiar, read on to learn more about the condition and how you could have it treated with a frenectomy in Phillipsburg.


Before, During, and After: What to Expect From a Tongue-Tie Revision

March 12, 2022

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baby after tongue-tie revision

Learning your child needs a tongue-tie revision in Phillipsburg may catch you a bit off guard. You know there’s a problem but discovering the only way to treat it is for your little one to undergo a procedure can be somewhat daunting. Fortunately, this article is here to provide the details of what you and your baby can expect before, during, and after a frenectomy. Read on to discover more about this standard process and how you can prepare for the big day.


4 Ways to Determine if Your Child Has a Tongue-Tie

February 6, 2022

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baby smiling while on its stomach

Taking care of your baby is your top priority. Making sure they’re loved, changed, and fed are all essential, but what if that last component becomes increasingly difficult? Feedings lead to tears between you and your baby, but you don’t know why. If you are struggling to breastfeed or bottle-feed your little one, it may be that they have a tongue-tie in Phillipsburg. A local specialist is here to share four ways you can tell if you should seek treatment.


3 Questions to Ask Before a Frenectomy

January 7, 2022

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a soft tissue laser

Is your child being recommended for a lip and tongue-tie treatment in Phillipsburg? If so, it’s natural to have many questions and concerns. After all, it doesn’t matter the age of your child, you are likely worried about the procedure, the risks involved, the recovery, and how it will impact and benefit them. Having all the information you need before agreeing to move forward with treatment is essential, which is why this article includes three questions you should ask when meeting with a lip and tongue-tie specialist about a proposed frenectomy.


When Should My Baby Be Checked for a Tongue-Tie?

December 18, 2021

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a baby with its tongue out

No matter if you’re a new mother or this is your second or third child, knowing whether your baby has a tongue-tie in Phillipsburg isn’t always easy. Although signs are likely to develop early on, you may want to be more proactive than waiting to see if problems develop. But when is it the right time to seek an assessment? Read on to hear from a local specialist who can answer all your questions.   


4 Potential Complications of an Untreated Tongue Tie

November 23, 2021

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older girl with tongue-tie

Do you or your child have an untreated tongue-tie in Phillipsburg? Although it may not seem like a big deal right now, the complications that can arise over time can certainly make life more difficult. Before you put off the notion of seeking professional help, here are four potential consequences that can occur if you choose to avoid treatment.


Avoiding Misinformation by Debunking 3 Frenectomy Myths

October 26, 2021

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a little girl smiling

Does your little one have a lip or tongue tie that needs to be fixed with a frenectomy in Phillipsburg? If so, you’re probably busy doing research and reading up on the experiences and opinions of others. While this can be helpful, it can also instill fear and cause misinformation to spread rapidly. To help you and your child prepare for their upcoming procedure as well as feel more confident, a dentist is here to debunk three common breastfeeding and frenectomy myths.


How to Know If Your Child’s Tongue Is In the Right Place

September 7, 2021

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little girl sticking her tongue out

It’s highly unlikely you’ve spent much time thinking about the positioning of your child’s tongue. After all, it’s a small muscle that only affects their mouth, right? Unfortunately, no. If it’s not sitting in the right spot, other muscles may be negatively affected. Before you start trying unconventional or crazy ways to “shift” it, let us explain the symptoms associated with this problem and how tongue tie treatment in Phillipsburg may be just one of the ways your child’s dentist can fix it.


Learn How a Laser Frenectomy Can Easily Release a Child’s Lip or Tongue-Tie

March 9, 2021

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an up-close look at a dental laser used to perform a frenectomy in Phillipsburg

If you recently learned your child requires a laser frenectomy in Phillipsburg to release their lip or tongue-tie, you may be feeling a bit anxious about the procedure. This is completely natural, as it is hard for parents to watch their child undergo any type of oral surgery. Fortunately, with advancements in dentistry and technology, the use of a soft tissue laser can make the process seamless and virtually pain-free. Read on to learn more about what you can expect when having your child’s lip or tongue-tie released.


What You Can Expect After Your Baby Has a Frenectomy

February 9, 2021

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a mother and her baby smiling and happy

If you recently learned that your baby needs a frenectomy in Phillipsburg, you are likely wondering what you can expect after the procedure is completed. While the process itself may only take a few minutes, you’ll need to know how to properly care for your child’s mouth to ensure the tissue does not attempt to reattach. A lip and tongue-tie specialist is here to detail what steps you’ll need to take to ensure a swift and successful recovery at home.

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