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Teen/Adult Lip & Tongue-Tie Treatment – Phillipsburg, NJ

Optimal Oral Function for a
Better Quality of Life


Infants are the most commonly treated patients for lip and tongue-ties; however, there are cases in which teenagers and adults can develop issues later in life. If problems proved mild as an infant or young child, they can often become more prominent the older an individual becomes. If you are noticing difficulty eating, swallowing, speaking, or sleeping, it’s time to contact Dr. N. Garcia DeMartino and her team. Using a dental laser, she can provide teen/adult lip & tongue-tie treatment in Phillipsburg that takes only minutes and provides optimal oral functioning for a better quality of life.

Speech Difficulties for Teens & Adults

Teenager smiles at school in Phillipsburg

It is not uncommon for teens and adults with a lip or tongue-tie to develop a speech impediment. These Tethered Oral Tissues, also known as TOTs, can restrict the tongue and/or lip’s ability to move in a way that allows for clear speech. It can become difficult trying to make certain sounds or syllables with what sounds like a lisp, which can result in feelings of embarrassment and discomfort, especially when surrounded by peers.

How Lip & Tongue-Ties Affect Eating & Swallowing

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When you think about a lip or tongue-tie affecting a person’s ability to eat, it’s natural to immediately assume you’re referring to an infant who cannot latch properly or has difficulty taking a bottle. Of course, if a teen or adult didn’t experience much difficulty as an infant or the problem was simply overlooked, the lip or tongue-tie can carry with this into adolescence or adulthood. As a result, a person may experience:

  • Immense pain when trying to eat certain foods that can develop into temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD)
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Difficulty using a straw
  • A significant gag reflex
  • Chronic neck and shoulder pain
  • Persistent headaches

All of these problems tend to leave a teen or adult wondering which foods will minimize these symptoms. In most cases, softer foods tend to prove successful; however, they also raise the risk of tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, and weight gain, as many have high sugar and starch contents.

The Benefits of Laser Frenectomy Treatment

Dental laser in Phillipsburg

Teens and adults who no longer want their lip or tongue-tie keeping them from living life to its fullest can find a solution with the help of Dr. N. Garcia-DeMartino. Using a dental laser, she can perform what is known as a laser frenectomy. With virtually no heat, vibration, or sound, the process is more comfortable and accurate than a traditional frenectomy that uses scalpels and sutures. Instead of relying on a steady and careful hand that is holding a sharp instrument, the laser’s concentrated beam of light moves along the tissue and cauterizes it in the process. This minimizes bleeding and swelling, which will leave patients with drastically reduced recovery times at home.