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What To Expect During a Lip and Tongue-Tie Procedure – Phillipsburg, NJ

How to Prepare for Your First Appointment

When you bring your child in for a consultation, Dr. Garcia-DeMartino will take a little time to discuss any symptoms you or your child may be experiencing, and then she’ll perform a visual and functional assessment. This will enable her to identify whether or not your child has a lip/tongue-tie and determine if they need treatment. She’ll explain everything she is observing while performing this assessment, and afterward, she’ll discuss what you can do next. Of course, you’re welcome to ask questions at any point. If time allows, a laser frenectomy can be performed the same day. To make sure this appointment goes as smoothly as possible, be sure to follow the tips detailed below.

Before Your Appointment

Baby looking up at mother

We recommend that you visit a lactation specialist before coming to see us so that you already have this support in place. They can help determine what type of revision your child needs in order for them to latch properly. They can also assist after the child has undergone treatment so proper feeding can begin as quickly as possible.

Before coming to see Dr. Garcia-DeMartino, be sure to consult our Symptoms of Lip & Tongue Ties page and take note of any signs that apply to you and your child. We suggest writing them down or making a note in your phone so you can remember to tell her about them, which will be a big help in providing a diagnosis.

Some Other Things That Are Helpful to Have on Hand Are

Dentist checking child's mouth function

  • Child pain relief medicine, including children’s/infant’s Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, teething gel, essential oils, or a hot or cold compress.
  • A headlight or flashlight, as this will enable you to look inside your child’s mouth and easily see what Dr. Garcia-DeMartino is talking about.
  • Coconut oil, which can help with post-operative stretches that speed up recovery.
  • A swaddle or blanket to wrap your baby so they will stay relatively still throughout the appointment.

Things You May Want to Bring

Parent packing bag for child

  • Any toys or stuffed animals that help comfort your child
  • Anything you use regularly while nursing your baby, including a blanket, nipple syringe, etc.
  • Bottles with formula or pumped milk if your baby is bottle-fed.
  • A close friend or family member who can provide support and keep an eye on your child while you’re talking to Dr. Garcia-DeMartino
  • Your phone so you can record the stretches your child should receive after treatment.