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Learn How a Laser Frenectomy Can Easily Release a Child’s Lip or Tongue-Tie

March 9, 2021

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an up-close look at a dental laser used to perform a frenectomy in Phillipsburg

If you recently learned your child requires a laser frenectomy in Phillipsburg to release their lip or tongue-tie, you may be feeling a bit anxious about the procedure. This is completely natural, as it is hard for parents to watch their child undergo any type of oral surgery. Fortunately, with advancements in dentistry and technology, the use of a soft tissue laser can make the process seamless and virtually pain-free. Read on to learn more about what you can expect when having your child’s lip or tongue-tie released.

What is Waterlase Laser Dentistry?

One of the more common types of dental laser systems is Waterlase Dentistry. This advanced piece of technology allows for a more comfortable and stress-free experience. The laser uses light energy and a steady stream of water to gently (and precisely) release your child’s lip or tongue-tie. The use of this type of laser makes it possible for your child to:

  • Undergo a quicker healing process
  • Experience little-to-no bleeding or swelling
  • Feel virtually no pain
  • Receive minimal anesthesia, if any
  • Be more relaxed during their visit

While many dentists continue to use traditional methods (scalpels and sutures) to perform frenectomies, soft tissue lasers make for happier babies, children, and parents.

What Steps Are Taken for a Frenectomy?

To better understand the process you and your child will experience should you believe they have a lip or tongue-tie, the process is quite simple and requires very little time to be spent in the dentist’s office. First, Your child’s dental professional will examine their mouth to determine if lip or tongue-tie treatment in Phillipsburg is necessary. If minimal oral function is the result of a restricted band of tissue underneath the tongue or behind the upper lip, a frenectomy will be recommended.

Next, your child will undergo the actual procedure which involves applying topical anesthesia to the area before using the Waterlase dental laser to gently release the lip or tongue-tie. Emitting no heat, sound, or vibration, the process itself should not scare or cause anxiety to your little one.

Once the procedure is complete, you and your child will return home with specific instructions for a successful recovery. It will be necessary to perform certain stretches to the lip and/or tongue to ensure the banded tissue does not reattach and your child maintains optimal oral function.

Because of the outstanding advancements in dental technology, you and your child no longer need to fear the traditional methods once used. Instead, you can feel more comfortable knowing that with a soft tissue laser, your baby’s procedure will lend great results, allowing you to embrace the bonding experience you deserve.

About the Author
Dr. N. Garcia-DeMartino is a lip and tongue-tie specialist based in Phillipsburg, NJ. Graduating summa cum laude from Fairleigh Dickinson University in 1983, she went on to enroll in the university’s dental school, graduating with her DMD in 1987. Seeing a common trend of lip and tongue-ties developing and parents struggling, she underwent necessary training to begin treating these problems. Attending the International World Clinical Laser Institute, she became an expert in the use of soft tissue and hard tissue lasers. Now, she proudly helps parents and treats young patients suffering from the effects of a lip or tongue-tie. If you are curious about the process surrounding frenectomies, visit our website or call (908) 859-5260.

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