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Avoiding Misinformation by Debunking 3 Frenectomy Myths

October 26, 2021

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Does your little one have a lip or tongue tie that needs to be fixed with a frenectomy in Phillipsburg? If so, you’re probably busy doing research and reading up on the experiences and opinions of others. While this can be helpful, it can also instill fear and cause misinformation to spread rapidly. To help you and your child prepare for their upcoming procedure as well as feel more confident, a dentist is here to debunk three common breastfeeding and frenectomy myths.

Breastfeeding Pain in Normal

At first, you can expect there to be some tenderness, as this is a new feeling; however, you should never experience actual pain. If you do, it’s probably because your baby is unable to latch correctly. This is when it’s necessary to have a professional examine your child’s oral cavity to see if they have a tongue or lip tie. If so, a frenectomy can help to alleviate any difficulties associated with latching and nursing. It can also address breastfeeding pain and make you and your baby’s breastfeeding journey easier and more enjoyable.

It’s Not Necessary to Treat a Tongue Tie

Unfortunately, choosing to avoid treating your child’s tongue tie can lead to more problems as they grow older. Children who do not receive a frenectomy as an infant or young child can go on to develop difficulties eating and swallowing certain foods. They can also form a speech impediment that can result in self-esteem issues at school. Seeking professional help to quickly release the banded tissue while your child is still an infant will not only make for an easier recovery process but also reduce the risk of more prominent issues in the future.

Frenectomies Are Dangerous Procedures

While you cannot guarantee any procedure is void of complete risk, frenectomies are considered extremely safe and highly effective if performed by a trained, licensed, and experienced professional. Whether a specialized dental laser or traditional instruments are used, children can experience greater oral functioning after undergoing this procedure and can go on to live normal, healthy lives as a result. Are there stories of individuals undergoing frenectomies and having bad experiences? There probably are, but they are extremely rare.

Get the facts about frenectomies and breastfeeding from your child’s dentist. When discussing the potential treatment of a lip or tongue tie, do not fall victim to scare tactics and opinions of others. Let a professional thoroughly explain the process and what you and your child can expect.

About the Author
Dr. Garcia-DeMartino is a lip and tongue-tie specialist based in Phillipsburg. Seeing a common trend of lip and tongue-ties developing in infants and parents struggling, she underwent extensive training to begin treating these problems. Attending the International World Clinical Laser Institute, she became an expert in the use of soft tissue and hard tissue lasers. Now, she proudly helps parents and treats young patients suffering from the effects of lip and tongue-ties. If your child is experiencing problems because of their restricted tissues, visit our website or call (908) 859-5260.

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